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Kasey was a fun and engaging editor to work with who asked solid, clarifying questions in my manuscript and was happy to work with feedback about specific aims for the work. This, combined with engaging comments about the text and probing questions, ensured the story was fluid, cohesive, and consistent in a way that couldn’t have been done with just my own revision work. Kasey was also open in sharing why parts that worked did, or why areas that snagged caused issues, in a way that was easy to understand and work with. I particularly enjoyed the in-manuscript feedback about action scenes and callbacks to earlier in the manuscript that showed an understanding of the story and offered options for clarity without feeling prescriptive. I would very much work with Kasey again for future books.

Charlotte Platt, author of One Smile More

“Kasey has been a great editor. She seemed invested in my project, which I appreciate. She was prompt, effective and very responsive to emails (which isn’t always something you get in this industry!). I definitely plan to use her again and would recommend her services to any authors out there.”

J.Z. Foster, author of the Reality Bleed series

“It has been an absolute delight working with Kasey Kubica. Not only did she go over my manuscript with a professional and critical eye, she made the experience very positive for a writer’s fragile ego. Aside from cleaning up any grammar errors, or strangely worded sentences, she also advised me on inconsistencies in character behaviors or plot—and she did so with a sense of humor.”

Chantal Noordeloos, author of Alleria

“Her comments are very valuable to me in growing as a writer and in realising how my story flows in the mind of the reader. She’s doing solid work!”

Kamil Mozel, author of in-progress novel Wolfblood

“I’ve LOVED working with Kasey. She’s diligent and dedicated to making my novels the best versions of themselves. I highly recommend working with her!”

Elle Rivers, author of Contractual Obligations

“Kasey, who skillfully edited my book, is an exceptional wordsmith, effortlessly enhancing the content with thoughtful direction. Highly recommended for her expertise and collaborative approach!”

Priti Tanna, author of I Married a Coconut

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